Events / Press Conference for the project Motivasi 2016 – Bali

Czech football legends, members of the Czech Team 96 were preparing for the journey to Bali in Aquapalace Praha. In April the Czech footballers will promote Czech football to Bali under the project MOTIVASI.
Pavel Kuka, Ladislav Maier, Tomas Ujfaluši, Frantisek Straka, Lubos Kubik, Miroslav Kadlec, and Karel Poborsky will spend on the island Bali  12 days, during which they will play a match against a local football club  Bali United. They will also meet students at the local University to motivate and practise them.

In addition to the football promotion on the island, Czech footballer are going to face a great challenge in the form of freediving and scuba diving. At Aquapalace in Čestlice they trainedwith world champion freediving Gabriela Grézlová. So far experience with diving have just Frantisek Straka and Karel Poborsky, who is an active diver and Bali’s even a patron of the sunken wreck, which serves not only as a tourist attraction, but also to research.


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