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Czech Team 96 defeated in a friendly match Bali United FC 1: 3. Two goals shot Pavel Kuka and confirmed, he is still in an excellent shape and condition. Third goal for the Czech team shot the Indonesian representatives Wirahadi, who has the Czech team added. The game was played 2 x 45 minutes and showed good football on both sides, in the difficult conditions of Indonesian climate. Players Bali United FC were during the game the better team, but the players of Team 96 took advantage of their experience and the biggest difference was in the utilized chances. Greatest support throughout the game was goalkeeper Ladislav Maier, who has even caught a penalty at a crucial moment. “We played really good football and I have to admit that the potential here is definitely very large,” said after the match Karel Poborsky.

Pavel Kuka, Karel Poborsky, Tomas Ujfalusi, Ladislav Maier and Franz Straka, whose performance was the biggest surprise, played the entire game. “He plays very hard but clean,” said the coach Bali United FC to Franz Straka performance at the post-match press conference. Miroslav Kadlec, Lubos Kubik replaced after the first half, the Indonesian representatives, who have added the Czech team numerically.

The Team 96 under the MOTIVASI project has participated, in addition to the successful game, the local university, where an autograph session was followed by a motivational training for the University IKIP- PGRI. Responsible for the training program was primarily the professional coach Frantisek Straka.

On the players waited also the challenges that they have already adopted on the preparation diving in Aquapalace Praha. Apnea course under the guidance of an experienced teacher and diver began early in the morning with yoga classes. Most improvements are truly amazing and the players were shocked.
Judge for yourself:
Respiratory attitude – the first fattening period and then after a three-hour apnea exercises

Tomas Ujfalusi: 0.45 then 01:44
Ladislav Maier: 1.10 then 02:37
Lubos Kubik: 1:02 then 2:55
Pavel Kuka: 1:18 then 2:45
Miroslav Kadlec: 1.15 then 03:15
Karel Poborsky: 00:39 then 03:05
Frantisek Straka: 1:32 then 4:15

The second challenge for the team 96 was diving to the wreck Bali Relax. The wreck is near the resort. As educational and ecological project under water, under the auspices of Karel Poborsky .. You can track zhe project here:
Dive to the wreck to respectable depth of 25 meters have Karel Poborský, Pavel Kuka, Tomas Ujfalusi and Frantisek Straka mastered. Lubos Kubik, Miroslav Kadlec and Ladislav Maier also surfaced, but until the wreck they did not dare. From diving was most impressed Pavel Kuka, who has spent almost more time under the water than on land. “The dive to the wreck was an unforgettable experience and I am convinced that it was not my last dive. I would love to visit this wonderful place in the future again. “All players from Czech Team 96 spent 12 amazing and memorable days on the beautiful Relax Bali Resort, have agreed to Pavel. 

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